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Characteristics of flat lifting belt for economic application

2016/5/30      view:

Economical and practical, it can continue to transform the focal point, using a variety of ways, Jiangsu Hanison hanging flat lifting belt Co., Ltd. can according to customers need to produce monolayer, multilayer, four layers of flat ring sling, which are made of polyester, nylon and polypropylene in a raw material for the production, the company can provide safety coefficient is 6:1 for a variety of products. Products in line with international standards ISO9001 safety requirements, customers can according to their own needs to order a special length of the product. Teresso webbing sling host breadth, can reduce the load on the surface of the pressure; webbing outer surface smooth and fine objects, will not harm the suspended matter, the advantages of lightweight webbing sling, soft, high safety factor, long life, not conductive, no electric shock hazard, corrosion good resistance etc., is gradually to replace steel wire rope and chain rigging.

Flat lifting belt can be divided into single, double, four layers, and the suture size can be varied, with the user's requirements and order (1-50 tons of load, the length range of 1-100 meters) wide, bearing, can reduce the surface load pressure; flat tape outer surface smooth and fine objects, will not hurt the hanging object additional, wear protection sleeve and anti cut protective cover, safety coefficient is 6:1; the flat belt is provided with a unique label, and use the international standard bearer to distinguish between the tonnage, even if the sling damage is also easy to identify, the surface can be hardened by the PU, enhanced wear resistance, light and soft, can be used in narrow space; flat tape with China industry standard J8 / T8521 - 1997, lifting the smaller elastic elongation zone, the work load is less than or equal to 3%, the fracture load is less than or equal to 0%, the range of temperature of - 40 DEG 100 degrees C.