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Crane rigging how to do fracture accident prevention

2016/5/30      view:

Hanging rigging of the variety, the environment is complex and changeable, the uneven quality of personnel, uncertain factors, the harm is great. If used improperly or poorly managed, it is very easy to have accidents. Is Shen combined with years of safety management practice, the sling occurred fracture reasons were analyzed, and puts forward the preventive countermeasures, to ensure that rigging the safe use of the crane. copyright

One, why there will be a fracture accident

1 rigging manufacturing (professional factory production and made two kinds of non-standard enterprises)

2 rigging the safety of personnel of technology of low quality, poor safety awareness

Safety management of the 3 rigging also not included in the normal channels, extensive management

Two, how can we prevent the occurrence of accidents

1 the crane sling into the scope of national security surveillance

Formulate corresponding management standards, to sling design, manufacturing, inspection, use and management of the implementation of a full range of security supervision. For enterprises to implement the "production license" or "security accreditation" system, to prevent the production of undocumented. For enterprises in the implementation of regular safety inspection system for rigging.

2 enterprises to strengthen safety management by rigging

In a sling for registration, the establishment of sling card details. In each sling hanging on the nameplate, marking the name, type, amount of rigging, put into use date etc.. Strengthen the daily safety management, rigging promptly scrapped, and do the maintenance work of the rigging.

3 to strengthen the safety training of rigging the use of personnel

Strengthen safety publicity and education, strengthen the quality of safety technology. The use of personnel must master the basic knowledge of safety technology of rigging;

Understanding to hang the rigging of center of gravity and the amount of load calculation in the different use of the environment; command hanging rigging security check method and standard of scrapping etc., and in practice rational use, only the correct use of the sling to ensure heavy lift transport safety.