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Performance and advantages of the lifting belt

2016/5/30      view:


Intensity: flat lifting belt 1T-30T circular lifting belt 1T-300T

Bandwidth: 25mm-250mm

Elastic elongation: under the rated load <10% ultimate working force 2%-3%

Load identification: in the use of the process, the tag wear on the sling can be identified by the color of the belt coat.

Operating temperature: -40~100

Safety factor: 6:1 7:1 5:1


1, light weight, easy to use

2, no damage to the surface of the hanging objects

3, from a stable, safe

4, high strength, according to the color judgment tonnage

5, improve labor efficiency, cost savings

6, corrosion resistance, good wear resistance

7, widely used for port, wharf, chemical, steel, machinery, installation and other places.