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Features and advantages of glass sling

2016/5/30      view:

Glass sling

Glass sling is a kind of high safety and high efficiency lifting glass used in the production and transportation of glass production and processing enterprises. Glass is fragile, in particular, the area of large, heavy volume of glass, safety is the most important issue. Glass special sling using a set of standard production standards to ensure the safety of the lifting of the glass.

Glass, if the wooden box packaging and wire rope hoisting, waste wood packaging waste of resources, and the wooden box packaging and wire rope hoisting, box, unpacking, hanging in the middle more links, the work is tedious and low efficiency. The glass special sling can be used repeatedly to reduce the cost of the glass manufacturer and improve the efficiency of the glass lifting.

Glass sling

Glass sling advantage:

1 the glass sling is light and soft, the outer surface is fine, and the vulnerable object can not be damaged, and the narrow space is easy to use, and is easy to operate, carry and store.

2. Glass sling with high strength fiber as the carrier of core and in the inner add high-tech materials, and polyurethane rubber protective layer, resistant to wear and cutting, achieve the safety lifting of glass

3 glass sling to provide a kind of nude packaging can be reused, reducing the cost of glass manufacturers, improve the efficiency of the glass lifting.

4 the force of the glass sling is uniform, so that the working life of the sling is prolonged.

5 Glass sling high strength weight ratio.

6 Glass sling can be added with anti abrasion and anti cut protection cover.

7 glass sling with a unique label, and use the international standard color to distinguish the carrying tonnage, in a timely manner sling wear is easy to identify.

8 glass sling hoisting method, also can be used for drag and drop.

Glass sling instructions:

When using the 1 ends of the lifting lug glass sling into a hanger beam, fixed and equal position in the glass package.

2 placing the base in the center of the bottom end of the glass sling, the length of the base is slightly larger than that of the glass.

3. Glass tape glass unloaded packets should be the sling smoothly set into the glass package on both sides of, the glass package have been on both sides of the sling protecting belt tight pocket glass package, and then slowly lifting.

Safety precautions for glass sling:

1 the use of the glass sling should be verified before the rated load, no overload operation.

2 when using the operator to start lifting and lifting beams to maintain a smooth, to avoid the glass is surrounded by a glass bag or sharp workpiece cut.

3 when using the operator should be in operation before, during and after the observation of the use of glass sling. In particular, to check the main zone with no damage, if the area of the main belt damage should immediately stop using, or do scrap treatment.

4. The use of glass tape should be safekeeping, avoid light and ultraviolet radiation conditions for storage, not to store the sling in the vicinity of the next to the fire or other sources of heat, should be placed in dry and ventilated special frame, used to make the next time.

5 glass tape should be vertical hanging on the hanging beam or the hanger, must not be strong to shift to the ear hanging beam center.

6 Glass sling in the use of the process of three with the site should do a good job of protection, once the scratch will not be able to repair, if the main belt parts damage is smaller, can reduce the load of glass sling, extend its service life.