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Lifting belt to become the fundamental building materials market

2016/5/30      view:

Lifting belt originated in China, after years of East West blend, each with a lifting belt products have achieved mature application, new product R & D and innovation in to apply for on behalf of the crane rigging enterprises promote actively expand. copyright

Into twenty-first Century, environmental protection has become the theme of the world, the green cost to become popular fashion. Conform to the trend of transforming time, Jiangsu Zhengshen rigging Co., Ltd. rely on deep market insight and professional technology advantage, and constantly develop has the environmental protection function, fit green spends the concept of environmental protection science and technology lifting belt, and with a more professional, personalized products, high standards and requirements proposed by the vast number of consumers satisfaction.

Hoisting belt (special heavy excellent products) for collaborative hook lifting objects can be applied in a variety of lifting conditions of lifting objects, hoisting belt with high intensity and without prejudice to the object surface, both simple and flexible, can be the use of a variety of combinations. Because of its beautiful shape, soft texture, no damage to the human body has been unanimously praised by the majority of customers.

In hoisting rigging industry, Shanghai has been the integrity as the founding of the country, the company has strong technical strength, scientific production technology, complete testing equipment, perfect quality system, the comprehensive performance of the products has been highly appraised by users, welcome customers in various fields to come and visit cooperation.