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Flexible, flat, Dinima and other lifting belt use range and scrap standards

2016/5/30      view:

One of the following situations occurred in the lifting belt of the synthetic fiber, such as the flexible sling, the flat sling, Dinima sling, should be scrapped:

1、 when the ribbon (with protective cover) serious wear and tear, perforation, incision.

2、 bearing joint open suture wear off.

3、 sling fiber softening, aging, elastic, small, weak strength.

4、the fiber surface roughness is easy to peel off.

5、 lifting with a deadlock.

6、 there are too many point sling surface loose, corrosion, burning and heat melting or burning acid.

7、with a red warning line of the lifting of the warning line exposed.

     All types of lifting belt must be used in accordance with the following specifications:

1、before each use, make sure that the sling is not damaged.

2、the use of separate protection sling with edge load.

3、 flexible sling shall not be tied.

4、 when lifting, sling and load should not drag.

5、 avoid shock or vibration load.

6、 with dangerous sling do not have to repair.

7、 use the tape before you carefully read the use of tape labels and the environment.

8、 please use in the rated load, strict overload, and pay attention to safety.