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Lifting belt use matters needing attention

2016/5/30      view:

1、 do not use a damaged slingIn 

2、 when lifting, twisting and twisting not sling

3、 don't let the cable tie

4、to avoid tearing the sewing parts or the work load of

5、 when moving the sling, don't pull it

6、 avoid robbery or shock load.

7、every sling must check at each before use

8、 resistant to inorganic acid functional polyester, but is susceptible to organic acid damage

9、 apply to the most able to apply for the use of chemical products

10、have the ability to Nailie machine nylon acid, are susceptible to acid surface damageIn 

11、the nylon moisture, the strength loss of up to 15%

12、 if the sling is in may be affected by chemical pollution or use in high temperature, it should seek advice from suppliers.